Get an Unforgettable Holiday

Go through the services Potifa Holidays has on offer and let us make your holiday a super special one.

Boat Cruises & Fishing

Ever been in a boat? Well if you haven't, it's FANTASTIC! We have all types of boats you could ever need - Houseboats, Canoes, and Speedboats.

Love fishing? We've also got you covered. We've got a wide variety of fishing rods & tackles for hire to allow you to catch fresh Kariba Bream and Tiger Fish.

Game Drives & Guided Tours

Imagine seeing a Lion in real life...or seeing a group of Elephants fighting in the African sun. We offer you that experience.

In addition, we also let you get tours of fantastic places all around Kariba.

Airport Transfers

Who wants to deal with looking for accommodation & transport after an 18 hour flight? Nobody! We offer airport tranfers and this ensures that you travel in comfort.

Holiday Packages

Wondering which lodge to stay in and which activities to do during your holiday? Worry no more. We make custom holiday packages to suit your unique needs.